What is Safety Grip?
Safety Grip is a fabric covering for stainless steel railings at pools and spas.

How does Safety Grip work?
The fabric surface is backed with a thin, firm yet squeezable coating which allows for increased gripping characteristics for many individuals.

Why is Safety Grip used at pools and spas?
The fabric rail covers create a more comfortable grip for people of all ages, but especially small children and senior adults.  Lotions and oils are often used in pool settings and may transfer to the stainless steel rails, but Safety Grip will allow for a less slippery rail surface.  Additionally, stainless steel rails can become very hot (and cold), and the Safety Grip cover provides a more user friendly grip.

Some customers prefer the aesthetics of the fabric covers and like how they “dress-up” their pool as an added benefit to the improved safety.

Will Safety Grip reduce my liability insurance premium?
Increasing safety around the pool and spa area is a high priority for pool owners.  Check with your insurance agent about ways to reduce liability.

Does Safety Grip fit all pool and spa railings?
Safety Grip is specially engineered to fit tightly around the stainless steel rail.  Almost all pool and spa railings are 1.90 inches in diameter.  However, there are a few rails that are 1.65 inches or 1.50 inches in diameter.  Safety Grip can be ordered to fit each of these 3 diameters and in lengths from 1 foot to 14 feet.

What colors can I purchase?
Click here to see available colors.

Are Safety Grips easily installed?  Can I do it myself?
Yes.  Safety Grips are constructed with a zipper that insures easy installation.  Click here to see the instructions.

What size Safety Grip do I need to purchase?
Pools and spas use a variety of sizes of ladders and rails.  Click here to see the measuring instructions.

Can Safety Grip hold up under my climate zone?
Safety Grip was tested in several locations from Death Valley, California, to Key West, Florida with outstanding results. Safety Grip outlasts the competition 3:1!  With proper care, Safety Grip can withstand high heat and UV rays.

How do I clean Safety Grip?
The rail cover can be cleaned in place, or removed for cleaning. A simple soap solution will remove soils as well.

Is there a warranty on Safety Grip?
Yes.  Safety Grip is sold with a 1-year pro-rated warranty.

Is Safety Grip used in applications other than swimming pools?
Yes.  Safety Grip is used in many different applications and can be tailored for a variety of uses.

Where is Safety Grip manufactured?
Safety Grip is made in the USA!