How do I clean Safety Grip?

The rail cover can be cleaned in place, or  removed for cleaning. A simple soap solution will remove soils as well.

To keep your safety grip looking great, it is important to do a thorough cleaning at least two times per
year. Once per quarter is recommended. Use a mild soap and fresh warm water. Allow the safety grip to
soak for 10 to 20 minutes. It’s important that you only use a soft sponge to gently wash the safety grip.
Allow it to air dry and never put it in a dryer and never add artificial heat. Do this often to help keep the
mold and mildew away and to keep your safety grips looking great.

Easy Monthly Preventative Maintenance

Air pollution and dirt particles are constantly in the air even though they may not be visible to the eye.
These particles can land on surfaces and be the food source for mold and mildew if water is also in the
area therefore a very simply and effective preventative method to combat this is to wash down the
safety grip while they are still on the pool rails. Use the chlorinated pool water for your first rinse
followed by fresh water from a water hose. Do no use chemicals because it could affect the PH of your
pool. This does not replace the bi-annual thorough cleaning as mentioned above.