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Safety Grip Handrail Covers Beat the Heat

thermometerWhen summertime temperatures are at an all time high, and you want to ease into the pool using the hand rail.

The metal pool handrails that get way too hot to the touch in the blazing heat of the summer sun. Even when you think you only have to hold the hot handrail for a few seconds or so, it is still so hot, almost scalding to touch.

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Pool Handrail Grips

The Original Patented “UV-Protected” Safety-Grip Handrail Cover

Safety-Grip is a soft zippered cover that zips over the stainless steel handrails in pools and spas. This innovative patented product will reduce liability and promote safety when getting in and out of the pool or spa.

Safety-Grip prevents burns from “Hot” handrails due to intense heat from harsh UV sunlight in warmer climates and prevents slipping due to “oily” hands from suntan oil and lotions.

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