Manufacturers of Safety-Grip Handrail Covers and Commercial Aquatic PVC Matting

In 1996, Pitco Ind.Inc. was established as a family business owned by Michael & Patty LaRossa. The idea, for the Safety Grip Handrail Covers, originated in Palm Springs, California, when it was realized that pool and spa handrails became very "hot" due to the temperatures of up to 120 degrees.

The solution to that problem became clear. A cover needed to be developed that would protect your hands against heated rails, as well as the other elements of the sun. After much research, development, and testing for materials that could withstand UV rays, fading, and chlorinated water, the Safety Grip Handrail Cover emerged.

The designed process became a reality in 1997 and progressed with newer and stronger covers designed for the high traffic markets of hotels/motels and resorts. The cover was marketed locally, in South West Florida, to establish a testing area which proved to be very successful. In 2003, a UV fabric was designed that can withstand UV rays, chemicals and harsh elements, without having to use spray methods, as was done in the past. In 2004, the Safety Grip Handrail Cover received a patent for this process.

Also created was Safety Grip Cleaner to remove the white calcium deposits, left behind by chlorine, that can build up and destroy the fabric over a short period of time. Using Safety Grip Cleaner will dissolve harmful deposits and keep the covers looking brighter and cleaner for a longer period of time.

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